SMART HELIX "Apollo" and "Apollo Light" safety razors have an unique elegant design, which guarantees the highest quality and comfortable wet shaving. Common experience, ideas and knowledge of the whole team enabled us to create an original double edge safety razor, excellent in every way: clean shaving, versatility, usability, design, production quality and price. These razors are almost identical in terms of shaving characteristics, but structurally different. "Apollo" is equipped with one flip base plate with two levels of aggressiveness, unlike "Apollo Light, which has two separate base plates with different aggressiveness each. At the same time, "Apollo" has a heavier head than "Apollo Light", which allows you to choose a comfortable and familiar weight balance of the razor and its total weight. The aggressiveness levels of the two "Apollo Light" base plates correspond to those for the two sides of the one "Apollo" flip base plate (blade gap: 0,5 and 0,85). High quality stainless steel safety razors SMART HELIX has a perfect aesthetic appearance. The razor handle has a special shape and combined knurled surface, resulting in a comfortable and reliable grip. The bottom of the stand is equipped with white silicone O-ring. It provides a reliable surface traction without any mutual damage. By this solution safety razors SMART HELIX with the stand holds perfectly even on tilted, smooth and wet surfaces.

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